Luximprint is a globally operating additive manufacturing firm specializing in Optical 3D Printing.  Our proprietary fabrication methods rapidly create custom optics prototypes for lighting system design and engineering, temporary event and interior spaces in multi-market applications.

Luximprint, based in Wemeldinge, Netherlands, introduces a novel additive manufacturing technology for 3D printing of custom optics: a fast, flexible and cost-effective method to get your custom optics available in days. Our printed optics generally serve inspirational and functional demonstration purposes, and have proven to be an excellent way to validate optics design and manufacturing tooling.

Printed optics by Luximprint are smooth and functional straight from the 3D printer with zero need for post-polishing. Optics Design Services can be facilitated to demand, as well as finishing of the surfaces with a variety of decorative or technical performance coatings and photometric measurements.

Image of 3D printed optics by Luximprint for homepage listing
Image of handheld printed optics sample by Luximprint


Fast, flexible and cost-effective prototyping of functional and decorative optical plastics enable our users to trial and error their functional illumination concepts at speed.

Image of Luximprint Frosted Finishes for Display in Product Boxes at Luximprint Homepage


Frosted finishes (defined roughness) can be added to optical sheets or lens parts for functional or aesthetical purposes in one and the same printing process.

Picture of Luximprint Optographix Textured Surfaces in blue


Complex designs of textured surfaces can be rapidly prototyped to validate production tooling or to generate marketing samples and functional demonstration mock-ups.

Image category box 3D printed reflectors by Luximprint


Micro-reflectors and reflective surfaces are created by combining the smoothness of the Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication Process with a variety of decorative or industrial coatings.

Picture of Luximprint Stained Glass - Optogarphix Flagship Products


Optographix include a unique combination of sparkling, 3D printed optical acrylics and colourful design features illuminated by artificial or natural daylight solutions.


Discover our work! Have a look into the portfolio with our signature projects that we realized in a variety of industries and get inspired!

“The on-demand ordering of small quantities custom tilt lenses tailored to our specific project needs, help us to keep stock levels low and our working capital available for operational purposes.”

Jonathan Hinton, Managing Director, Binary Lighting Ltd.

“The fast and flexible Luximprint prototyping process enabled us to create customized optics for our heat spreader event demonstrator with delivery of the parts in a very short timeframe.”

Wolfgang Plank, Head of MOEMS Factory, Escatec Switzerland

“3D Printed Optics do offer Significant Benefits in Manufacturing Speed, Flexibility and Affordability.”

Mark Jongewaard, LTI Optics /University of Colorado

“We selected Printed Optics by Luximprint because it is a true Enabling Technology that allowed us to Rapidly and Inexpensively Prototype and Test our Concepts.”

Noel C. Giebink, Pennstate University

“Without the Speed of Luximprint’s fast Printing Process for LED Optics we would never have managed to get our Show Presentation ready in time.”

Simon Frech, Managing Director, F-sign GmbH

“Luximprint’s Optical 3D printing Technology enabled us to make use of Rapid Prototyping for Optics. With this Unique Technology we were able to refine our Product and iterate until we were satisfied with the Product Design of the f.lens.”

Marco Bozzola, Co-founder, f.lens

“We are Excited to be working with your Company. We are working on a lot of new Projects involving LED Lighting Fixtures, and 3D Printed Optics are an Exciting Prospect for Testing our Designs.”

Wade Arral, i2Systems

“Thanks for the Interesting and Educational Conversation about your 3D Printing Technology and your deep knowledge.  So much is written about 3D in various Fields but I was fortunate to get Insight especially in this Optical Field from first Hand. Thanks a bunch!”

J. Sommerauer, Aero Ventures

” I am pleased to report that the optical specifications of your product are impressive and are suitable for our next generation lenses!”

S. König, wenglor sensoric GmbH


They enjoy working with us! Our valued and satisfied customers include, among many (non-disclosable) others, both large and small: