Lighting Design: Adequate use of Novel Light Systems to Comfort Human Needs and Safety

The discipline of ‘Lighting Design’ (or: Architectural lighting design) is a field within architecture, interior design and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of novel lighting systems. It concerns the use of natural and artificial light, or a combination both, to serve human needs in workspaces, living and leisure areas, and safety requirements.

Light – An Astonishing Medium

Light is a technically difficult yet astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines. A practice designing with light integrates the art, science and business of illumination design and implementation far beyond concerns of visibility and horizontal footcandles.

Good Lighting is of Vital Importance

There are some important questions that should be considered when planning a new project, specifically: Is “good” illumination important to your project? What is good lighting and how can it be achieved?

A Lighting designer works as part of a design team and, like architects do, charging fees for the services provided. Professional lighting designers bring a touch of solid technical acumen and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. Their value-added services can make or break the success of a project.

Lighting Design – Needs and Purposes

The design process of a new light scheme takes account of:

▪ The kind of activity for which lighting is to be provided (task lighting, leisure, safety, etc.);

▪ The amount of light required: Light intensities should differ related to the function of a room or task to be performed while keeping a close eye on the system efficacy and other cost drivers and environmental factors;

▪ The distribution of light within the space to be lighted, whether it concerns an indoor or outdoor environment;

▪ The color of the light as it may affect the views of particular objects and the environment as a whole;

▪ The effect of the light system itself on the user (glare, interaction, comfort).

The final objective of lighting design is the human response and interaction, to see clearly and without discomfort, while performing the task he is committed to, or to enjoy the atmosphere he is in.

The objective of architectural designer lighting is to further the design of architecture or the experience of buildings and other physical structures.

Luximprint and (Future) Lighting Design

We believe Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication technology, combined with Faceted Lens Technology for fast optics design opens doors to a totally different and much more efficient approach of lighting development and specification.

If you are interested to further discover this topic, please feel free to read our free paper ‘Rapid Optics Design and Manufacture for Future Proof Illumination Systems and Customized Project Lighting‘ that was written in support of a contributed lecture at LPS 2019 in Bregenz, Austria.

LED professional Symposium 2019

Meet us at the 9th International LED professional Symposium 2019 The LED professional Symposium 2019 is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies conference and exhibition for design, testing and production of novel systems, controls and equipment for all lighting industry areas. The conference and exhibition occur annually in the Opera house in Bregenz, Austria, and features [...]

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Trends in Lighting 2019

Trends in Lighting 2019: Meet Architects, Lighting Designers, Planners, and Investors Trends in Lighting 2019 is the unique, international Lighting Forum and Trade Show that is dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, application, design and technologies. It is the 'go-to event' for everybody who needs to be up-to-date on the latest trends in architectural and urban [...]

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Meet us at LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019

LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019: Lighting Technologies for Lighting Industry & Lighting Design LpS (LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019) is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies conference and exhibition for lighting and fixture design, testing and manufacturing of novel lighting systems, controls and equipment for all industry areas. Luximprint at LED professional Symposium + [...]

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Trends in Lighting 2018 (TIL 2018)

TIL 2018: Lighting Design for the World of Tomorrow The 2nd International Trends in Lighting Conference and Exhibition for Intelligent, Digital Lighting Design in Smart Buildings & Cities, TiL 2018, will again be held at the Bregenz Opera House from September 25-27, 2018. TiL 2018: Reinvigorate the Way Designers Think TiL 2018 is an international event [...]

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Luximprint Optographix: Première at darc room 2018 London

Luximprint Optographix at darc room 2018 - The Lighting Destination of London’s Design Festival With a presence via Lightly Technogies at darc room 2018, London's leading Creative Lighting Exhibition, Luximprint Optographix are proposed for the first time in history to a brand new audience of lighting and interior designers. Proposed and designed by Luminous Concepts and printed by [...]

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darcroom 2018

darcroom 2018: The Lighting Destination of London's Design Festival darc room, London's Creative Lighting Exhibition, is brought to you by arc and darc magazines and light collective, the team behind the darc awards. It is a curated exhibition for specifiers and designers and is returning for its second year in a new venue right the heart of London. Optographix by Luximprint Designed by Luminous Concepts and [...]

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International Lighting Design Survey 2018 (ILDS 2018)

International Lighting Design Survey Listing The International Lighting Design Survey (ILDS 2018) is the ultimate annual worldwide directory for the architectural lighting design industry featuring a comprehensive listing of independent lighting designers, lighting manufacturers and distributors around the globe. Luximprint in ILDS 2018 Below you can read the digital version of the ILDS 2018 edition [...]

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