German Trade Journal LICHT

The trade journal ‘LICHT’ has been on the market for over six decades now. The editors of LICHT report nine times a year expertly and comprehensively on topics involving lighting planning, engineering, lighting design, science, research and technology.

In-Depth Project Focus

In order to provide in-depth project information for its professionally interested readers, LICHT introduces project developers and owners, architects, planners and engineers, as well as luminaire and lamp manufacturers.

Additional focal points are international designers and their projects, light art, and light architecture. In addition to lighting engineering and technology, lighting research, and technical innovations, LICHT reports on standards, certification procedures, and regulations.

In order to support its readers with their own project planning, the journal offers regular information on trade, retailers, and lighting designers. The reports in LICHT are rounded off with detailed publications on national and international trade fairs, congresses, specialist exhibitions, and conventions.

LICHT is the largest German-language trade journal for the lighting industry.

LICHT Reader Audience

LICHT is intended for all professionals who work with light: from installation technicians to electrical-engineering designers, from architects to lighting designers, from luminaire designers to manufacturers, and from accessory subcontractors to facility owners and operators.

All of these readers use the journal as an up-to-date source of information, a reference work, and a source of ideas for their own work.

LICHT Affiliations

The trade journal LICHT is an organ of the German Society of Lighting Technology (LiTG) and the Lighting-Engineering Standardization Committee (FLN) in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN)

LICHT Publisher

Richard Pflaum Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
Lazarettstraße 4
80636 München

Magazine LICHT | Juni 2019 ‘Zauberhaftes Licht’

Magazine LICHT 04/2019: Magical Light - Fabrication and Application of Tertiary Optics  LED lighting is inseparably connected to Optics and Lenses, such as primary, secondary and tertiary optics. With tertiary optics, in special, versatile light scenarios can be conjured. The German magazine 'LICHT' illustrates the latest developments concerning the application and manufacturing of tertiary optics. [...]

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