Rapid Prototyping a Fly’s Eye Lens Array

A Fly’s Eye Lens Array is a 2-D array of lenses including individual optical lenslets assembled or formed into a single optical element. It is used to spatially transform light from a non-uniform distribution to a uniform irradiance distribution at a defined illumination plane.

Macro close up of a fly's eye that serves as inspiration for a 3D printed fly's eye lens array

A Fly’s Eye Lens Array

As the name suggests, a Fly’s Eye Lens Array is directly inspired by nature itself. Our blogpost on ‘Biomimicry and Organic Design‘ may inform and inspire you further.

The array is formed by a series of small lens combinations, which are either linear or diagonally arranged. Fly’s eye lens arrays are mostly used in pairs to spatially homogenize or make a light source uniform at the illumination plane.

Schematic explanation of 3D printed fly's eye lens array assembly A Fly’s Eye Lens Array Set-Up Explained (Picture courtesy of OptoSigma)

The two arrays are called the ‘objective array’ and the ‘field array’ and are used with a so-called ‘condenser lens’. The objective array images the source at the field array. The field array reimages all of the fields with the condenser lens so they overlap at the illumination plane and create a uniform irradiance.

Image of a typical fly's eye lens array as printed by Luximprint A typical fly’s eye lens array has 7 to 11 channels in each direction. Each of these channels are optically overlapped at the illumination plane to achieve uniform light from a nonuniform source.

Fly’s Eye Lens Array Applications

A Fly eye lens array has a broad scope of applications in microdisplay and projection applications. Using a fly’s eye lens array is almost always used with lamp assemblies with a parabolic reflector providing semi-collimated light. Presently, they are mostly used in LCD digital projector light engines in the illumination section to deliver spatially uniform or homogenized illumination to the spatial light modulator illumination plane.

Image of a typical fly's eye lens array for projector imaging purposes printed by Luximprint Lens array for use in LCD digital projector to deliver spatially uniform or homogenized illumination to the modulator illumination plane.

Interested in working with us?

At Luximprint, we offer additive optics fabrication services that allows our users to get their lens parts rapidly prototyped in a fast, flexible and cost-effective matter.

If you are convinced about the benefits 3D printed optics may offer you and want to source your next project with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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