Prototyping Custom Optics for Illumination Applications

At Luximprint, we offer ‘manufacturing-as-a-service’ for fabrication of custom optics. Our printed parts find their way in a broad range of illumination engineering and design applications and enable users to quickly trial and error with custom optics solutions until the best solution has been defined.

The Conventional Way: Subtractive Processing

In the old days, optics has been manufactured by settled methods, such as diamond turning, injection molding, and machining, just to name a few. Any of them concerns subtractive processes, whereby a material is taken away from a larger build block to get to the desired shape. No matter this concerns the direct end part, or the tooling needed to fabricate it. Along with that, significant investments in time and money need to be done to get to the final part.

Alternatively, standard optics can be sourced from the shelf fast, easily and generally also cheap, but they may not fit for purpose. To get around it, there is no choice but choosing custom optics solutions with the costly commitments involved.

21st Century Optics Manufacture

Nowadays, the digitization of optics manufacture has started. It enables custom optics to be built in an ‘additive manner’, whereby the material in exact volumes is added to a given design or substrate. In fact, optics can now directly be generated from a CAD file, with zero need for manufacturing tooling.

The added value of additive optics fabrication is most significant in the early stages and novel product development. The speed, design freedom, and ease of creating design variations/iterations is unparalleled.

Rather than offering ‘just another’ mass-fabrication method, Luximprint’s sole and only focus is on taking out the ‘pain-points’ from conventional fabrication processes, rather than disrupting them.

Meet us at LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019

LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019: Lighting Technologies for Lighting Industry & Lighting Design LpS (LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019) is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies conference and exhibition for lighting and fixture design, testing and manufacturing of novel lighting systems, controls and equipment for all industry areas. Luximprint at LED professional Symposium + [...]

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EPFL Advanced Manufacturing Symposium 2019

EPFL Printing Symposium 2019: Additive Optics Design and Manufacturing Technology have Married! On May 24th, 2019, the Luximprint team returned to EPFL Lausanne for its annual lectures on Additive Optics Fabrication technology. Joined by Physionary, one of Luximprint's preferred Optics Design partners, an international audience of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students was addressed during an [...]

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EPFL Printing Symposium Advanced Manufacturing 2019

EPFL Printing Symposium on Advanced Manufacturing and Custom Optics Following an interesting doctoral class on '3D printing with Light' back in 2018, Luximprint will travel again to Lausanne for another great time with graduate students offering some 'Printed Optics Education' in an EPFL Printing Symposium titled 'Selected topics in Advanced Manufacturing'. Advanced Manufacturing Technology for [...]

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Kunststoffen 2018

Kunststoffen 2018: The Meeting Place for the Plastics Industry The use of plastic seems so obvious and that is not surprising. Plastics are used in almost any of our (consumer) items. That is why these materials play an important role in our society. The world is changing rapidly and innovations - most notably additive manufacturing technologies [...]

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Event Review: Materials 2018 Veldhoven

Materials 2018 Veldhoven: Discovery of New Materials and Treatments for Printed Optics Materials 2018 Veldhoven, The Netherlands, is the trade fair where everything revolves around the role of materials in the success of a product. The Luximprint team joined the show at the NH Conference Centre Koningshof on May 30 in order to optimize and [...]

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Printed Optics: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements by Disney Research

Printed Optics by Disney Research: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements for Interactive Devices Back in 2012, researchers at Disney explored the possibilities for this vision afforded by the additive fabrication of custom optical elements using 3D printing technology. Karl Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Eric Brockmeyer of Disney Research and Scott Hudson from Carnegie Mellon University [...]

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