Additive Optics Manufacturing

Additive Optics Manufacturing or, as more commonly used, Additive Optics Fabrication (AOF) is a novel 3D printing method innovated by Luximprint, utilized to fabricate custom optics for multi-market applications.

Additive Optics Manufacturing encompasses optical 3D printing technology utilized to produce custom optics directly from a CAD file. In sharp contrast to conventional subtractive processes of milling, turning, grinding and polishing, additive optics manufacturing creates parts by building them up with progressive computer-controlled deposition of material, in a process that resembles printing, but with multiple passes until the desired 3D shape is achieved. The resulting optical surfaces are smooth straight from the printer, and zero need for post-processing is required.

Custom Optics – Fast, Flexible and Cost-Effective

Using digital 3D printing methodologies for producing custom optics prototypes and pre-series brings tremendous advantages compared to traditional optics fabrication processes. While tooling-less additive optics fabrication is not primarily intended for disrupting traditional lens making methods, nor to mass-produce custom parts, it outperforms classical technologies in the early development stages where speed, flexibility and cost-efficiency are key. It enables designers of new lighting systems and schemes to do the job faster, easier and better.

3D Printing of Optics

3D Printing of Optics - A Publication by Andreas Heinrich and Manuel Rank In comparison to conventional manufacturing technologies, in additive manufacturing, the material is deposited additively rather than removed by the use of a subtractive milling or grinding process. Meanwhile, various kinds of 3D printing methods are used, which are mainly implemented for mechanical [...]

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EPFL Advanced Manufacturing Symposium 2019

EPFL Printing Symposium 2019: Additive Optics Design and Manufacturing Technology have Married! On May 24th, 2019, the Luximprint team returned to EPFL Lausanne for its annual lectures on Additive Optics Fabrication technology. Joined by Physionary, one of Luximprint's preferred Optics Design partners, an international audience of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students was addressed during an [...]

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