Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) utilizes a high-power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, ceramic, metals or glass, aiming the laser automatically at points in space defined by a 3D model, binding the material together to create a solid structure.

During the build cycle, the platform on which the build is repositioned, is lowering by a single layer thickness. The process repeats until the build of the full model is complete. Unlike SLA technology, support material is not needed as the build is supported by unsintered material.

SLS – as well as the other mentioned AM technologies – is a relatively new technology. So far, it has mainly been used for rapid prototyping purposes and for low-volume production of parts component.

Production roles are expanding as the commercialization of Additive Manufacturing technology improves.

RapidPro 2019

RapidPro 2019: Solutions for Prototyping, Development, Customization and Production Product development comes along with very specific challenges and choices. Which technologies are most suitable when your novel concept enters the prototyping phase and eventually, makes it into production? This and more questions will be addressed at RapidPro 2019 in Veldhoven, Netherlands. RapidPro 2019: The leading [...]

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