Industrial 3D Scanning Services for Printed Optics

A vital aspect of our Additive Optics Fabrication process is to ensure that the printed parts meet the standards and requirements of our customers. Having access to reliable inspection technology gives our users the confidence that a part meets all requirements or give them an understanding of what adjustments need to be made. At Luximprint, we offer a range of complimentary ‘3D Scanning Optics Services’ to our industrial clients. Along with the printed parts sourced with us, there is a possibility to obtain a ‘3D Scan Basic‘ or ‘3D Scan Extended‘ Report as an optional service to gain further insights, especially on how the printed part relates to the initially designed CAD file.

3D Scanning Optics

You will need a 3D scanner, surface scanner, CT scanner, profilometer or another device to be able to check the dimensions and surfaces of a printed part. During the initial prototyping runs, this information provides very valuable inputs to implementation and sourcing teams. Too often, 3D scanning is seen as an afterthought, a final step or implemented relatively late in the process. This lets teams miss out on important learnings concerning the optical resins, hardware, settings used and finally the printing process.

The industrial non-contact 3D scanners we are utilizing at Luximprint use structured blue light and provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speed. The devices are engineered with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable, accurate measurements with great flexibility and process reliability.

The 3D scanning devices can be used for the inspection of printed prototypes including reflective surfaces, textured surfaces, printed tooling and printed optics and are available upon request.

3D Scanning Optics by Luximprint is a fast way of gathering insights in the shape accuracy of physical parts compared to the initially designed 3D CAD file.

Blue Light Scanning Technology

The scanning equipment we are using works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition. The LEDs of the Blue Light Technology have a life expectancy of far more than 10,000 hours, which ensures a reliable continuation of our services over time.

Once you are interested to benefit from our 3D Scanning Services for 3D Printed Optics, please contact us to discuss the available options for your particular project.