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Project Description

Dr. Tuerck Engineering | Berlin, Germany

Dr. Türck Engineering has excellent expertise in the development and design of optical systems, be it for imaging optics, fiber optics or illumination systems. In the past ten years they have worked for a wide range of small and large customers in areas ranging from aerospace optics and medical analytics to fibre-optical communication and traffic lighting.

Image for Luximprint Optics Design Hub_Optical Features Composition by Dr. Volker Türck

Dr. Türck Engineering provides support over the entire design process, from the early concept phase to simulation and modelling and to tolerance analysis and preparation of production. Our job is not only to provide optimal solutions but also to em¬power the customer and to develop his skills.

Contact Dr. Türck Engineering

Contact Dr. Türck directly via the form below or feel free to ask us for an introduction alternatively.

Upcoming Events

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