Project Description

MCarscience Photography: Curious Imagination by Light Painting & Photography

MCarsience Photography is a Vancouver, British Columbia based studio creating images as ‘a product of technology’. By catching up to a curious imagination, like a mirrorless camera, a box of discarded and malfunctioning vintage or modern printed lenses, most stunning light effects are achieved. A personal love of tinkering, and the guiding philosophy of “I wonder what would happen if…” results in the best abstract lens art photographs.

Discovering 3D printed Lens Art

Meagan Carsience is a real fore fighter of modern lens art. Utilizing Luximprint additive optics fabrication technology to illuminate her work resulted in truly amazing explosions of light. Various types of custom optics were used in an off-state to create extraordinary stunning light effects. Once they got illuminated, sparkling effects at the edge of optical aberrations and diffraction are utilized to turn printed plastics into living items. With zero photoshop work involved, the results are really eye-catching!

MCarsience Photography – Connect and Enjoy!

We’re delighted to share this extraordinary footage of printed optics with you. More about the work of Meg can be seen on her website or Instagram, the artworks can be ordered as well via the online shop.