Seminar Kunststoff Institut: Additive Plastics Fabrication for Today and Tomorrow

It’s been a real pleasure to us to contribute to this year’s Seminar and Trade Exhibit “3D Printing – Additive Opportunities for the Future”, organized by the Kunststoff Institut in Lüdenscheid, Germany. On March 21st, 2018, the organization opened up a complete and compelling program on additive fabrication related to plastics of any kind. Firms involved in the additive fabrication movement were invited to participate in the seminar and learn about the latest developments in the area of modern fabrication systems, novel materials and applications areas of 3D printing.

Insights for Additive Plastics Fabrication

In parallel with the Light Building 2018 event in Frankfurt, the institute in Lüdenscheid organized a one-day seminar for its members to learn about the latest advances in 3D printing related to plastics fabrication. Participants of the conference could take an immediate benefit from the knowledge as shared by various market and technology leaders in various fields of additive fabrication, to develop their future strategies.

Additive Fabrication: A Mindset Change

All lecturers shared one common thought: Working with additive technologies requires a change of mindset. It is not sufficient to embed additive manufacturing technologies into the existing workflow and try to shorten or improve it. It requires a different way of approaching design. New methodologies need to be developed to embed AM technologies into the DNA of the company.

Picture of Marco de Visser, Luximprint, addressing the audience at the Future Fabrication Technologies Seminar at the Kunststoff Institut in Lüdenscheid, Germany.

Adopting additive manufacturing technologies requires a change of mindset and design thinking. (Picture: KI Lüdenscheid / Nicolai Clemens)

Additive Optics Fabrication by Luximprint

Luximprint was invited to shine a light on the additive fabrication of optical plastics. Rather than providing parts that only have ‘a certain degree of transparency’, Luximprint brings optical clarity and performance to the 3D printing landscape. For anyone involved in electronics, lighting design, and engineering, the lecture aimed to provide new process, product and application insights.

The lecture ended: “The Future of Additive Optics Fabrication starts… Today!” Would you join our optical plastics movement and are you ready to adopt additive manufacturing technologies?”

In the meantime, we welcomed multiple questions and project queries from the audience, as well as interesting offerings from (potential) suppliers to strengthen our portfolio of products and services.

Are you interested in to work with us and add value to or take benefit from our services? Or missed the opportunity to speak with us at the event? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!