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LpS 2018: Lighting Technologies of Tomorrow

LpS is the leading international lighting technology event for design, testing and production of lighting systems, lighting controls and related equipment. The event is held on an annual basis in the iconic Festspielhaus Bregenz, Austria. We’re delighted to announce that Luximprint chose LpS 2018 as its inaugural event to launch its additive optics fabrication services for the lighting industry.

LpS 2018 Technology Updates

How does the future of the lighting industry look like? This and many more questions will be addressed at the next edition of the LED professional Symposium + Expo in Bregenz, Austria. Here you will get the latest updates for researchers, engineers and system architects by other trendsetters from the industry. Topics in the areas of LED, OLED, Drivers, Controls, Printed Optics, Thermal Management, Materials, Standardization, Testing, Technology Trends, and Luminaire Design will be addressed at the daily conferences and workshops.

Picture of handheld 3D printed optics lens array near Festspielhaus Bregenz, Austria

LpS 2018 Application Areas

The main application areas at the next edition of the LED professional Symposium include Human Centric Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Signage Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Agricultural Lighting and Healthcare Lighting.

In addition, there will be an extensive Expo area featuring the new work of leading lighting brands. In parallel, the second edition of Trends in Lighting (Til) will be held, the International Event for Intelligent, Digital Lighting Design for Smart Buildings and Cities. Visitors of TiL 2018 are invited to join the LpS Symposium and Expo as well.

Picture of Festspielhaus Bregenz with LpS 2018 banners

Printed Optics at LpS 2018 – Luximprint Launching Event

The Luximprint team will be present all days of the event. Luximprint has chosen LpS 2018 as its launching event to the lighting industry from its perspective of leading lighting technology event. At Luximprint, we believe that the future of the lighting industry is digital and minimalistic: from a design, control and engineering perspective. We will take the opportunity to launch our fabrication services for 3D printed optical plastics, textured surfaces and Optographix to our global network of lighting professionals.

We will be joined by our (revoluationary) Optics Design partner Physionary, together aiming to provide the lighting industry with new (future proof) tooling for optics design and additive optics manufacturing!

Please take the opportunity to visit us at booth #U19.