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3D printing is a hot-topic these days, and conquered meanwhile also private home environments. In the media, frequent messaging and updates are found on the evolution of this novel fabrication technology and how it is adopted by a variety of industries. However, a lot of questions are still around…

Rapid Prototyping Optical Plastics

When it comes to the additive manufacturing of optical plastics, including textured surfaces, Optographix and the rapid prototyping of molds and tools, Luximprint will contribute to the program from a rapid plastics prototyping perspective (Optographix: 3D gedruckte dekoratieve und optische Kunststoffe).

3D printing for the Lighting Industry

The participants – most representatives from the local optics- and lighting industry – can learn about the latest state of the fabrication of one-off plastics prototypes and start-up series fabrication.

Fachtagung 3D Druck in der Kunststoffverarbeitung Program

The online conference program for the “Fachtagung 3D Druck in der Kunststoffverarbeitung” provides a more detailed program offering, as well as the possibility to register online.


SAVE THE DATE – The “Fachtagung 3D Druck in der Kunststoffverarbeitung” will take place on March 21.03.2017 at the Kunststof-Institut in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Upcoming Events

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    Light Building 2018

    March 18 - March 23
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    LED professional Symposium + Expo (Lps 2018)

    September 25 - September 27


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