Luximprint is a globally operating additive manufacturing firm offering its novel additive optics fabrication technology as a service to rapidly create functional prototypes and signature projects in illumination engineering and design, temporary events and interior spaces.

Luximprint, based in Wemeldinge, Netherlands, introduces a novel additive manufacturing technology that enables the creation of ‘Optographix’: a unique combination of transparent and graphical elements applied onto technical plastics. Combined with day or artificial light, the structures come to life and create stunning luminous objects that can be used for functional or decorative application in illumination projects.

With the introduction of ‘Optographix’, Luximprint opens up a new market space for the design-, artist and engineering community to make unique projects come to life in a fast, effective and affordable way.

Picture of Luximprint Optographix Stained Glass Piece
Picture of Luximprint Stained Glass - Optogarphix Flagship Products


Optographix – our flagship products – include a unique combination of  translucent acryllics and colorful design features illuminated by artificial or natural daylight.

Image of hand held printed optics sample by Luximprint


Fast, flexible and cost-effective prototyping of functional and decorative optical plastics enable our users to trial and error their functional illumination concepts at speed.

Picture of Luximprint Optographix Textured Surfaces in blue


Complex designs of textured surfaces can be rapidly prototyped to validate production tooling or to generate marketing samples and functional mock-ups for demonstration.


Discover our work! Have a look into the portfolio with our signature projects that we realized in a variety of industries and get inspired!